Miss Jozi
Miss Jozi - Paulette Neo Kaise

Paulette Neo kaise (Miss Jozi) was born in 1995 May 27th. Paulette is from North West Province at Brits and was bred and raised in Ledig. She is currently living in the City of Johannesburg.

Paulette is known for her strength, warmth, benevolence and compassion. She is known for being a bit dreamer and a person who does not let her circumstances define her. She believes in being a woman of strength and substance, being comfortable in her own skin  and in being unique. She is firm believer in giving back, uplifting others and in the spirit of Ubuntu. Paulette is also a proud South African who can speak 8 out of 11 official  languages (to varying proficiency).

Her Hobbies include Training (Weight training), reading informative books, cooking and listening to music.Paulette is a Fitness enthusiast and has aspirations of being in the Fitness Industry. She Looks up to the Likes of Alrieta De wet, Thato Seopa, Laura Daniels, Christina Pappas and many others  in the Fitness Industry.

Paulette is a third year BA General student at the University  of the Witwatersrand. Majoring in Media  studies and Psychology. She hopes to combine her enthusiasm  for Fitness with media and become a Sports Presenter one day.She also hopes to work in the Film and Television journalism wing of the Media Industry.

Paulette was one of the finalist for Miss Wits varsity shield in 2015, she has been a Miss Mamelodi Sundowns Semi Finalist  in 2016 and she is Miss Rustenburg First Princess 2016 and now Miss Jozi 2016.She has dreams and hopes of continuing  with her pageant career,  growing and eventually being good enough for bigger pageants.

Paulette draws her strength and motivation from God, her Role models and her family and friends. One of her favourite quotes is " Ima keep running because winners don't Quit on themselves". She believes that with belief Hard work, perseverance,  patience and will power  miracles can be achieved. She aspires to inspire and believes that everyone was born for a purpose. She believes that struggles are not forever  and there  is even beauty in them.Everyone has to find their purpose and to also nourish  their passion or abilities through practice and knowledge. 

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