Miss Jozi 2020 - Natasha Sebola

My name is Natasha Sebola.I'm 20 years of age. I grew up at Bochum, Limpopo and now I have the privilege of saying Mokopane is my home since now my family lives there. Currently, I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a pharmacist at sefako makgatho health sciences university.

I believe that we are here(on earth) for each other.Our prime concern should be to help and uplift each other if not, then at least we should not harm one another. Which is why I am here today trying to leave a mark in the society and be an example that whatever you want in life, you can achieve. As I always love to say, most of the time we don't fail to achieve our goals because we are not up to par but it's simply because we choose to listen to the wrong voices and disqualify ourselves.

But we should confront our fears, acknowledge our weaknesses and learn how to compensate for them.
Other than that we are all equipped enough for the special purpose we are called for.

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